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I am a creative and stylish master stylist. I specialize in technical perm and hair extension , I have more than 10 years of experience in Korea , Japan and Canada. I can speak Korean, Japanese and English, making me a very international stylist who always puts my customers first and is always ready provide the best service.




Ayano has over 10 years experience in Japan, Australia and Canada. Through consultation Ayano believes that the best hair style can be achieved.
Ayano will accept any challenges. If you would like to try something unique, Ayano will help you achieve the look you have been dreaming for.




There are many different type of hobbies even up until today Yenju still enjoy when He was a child. Painting, manga, building figures, sculpting and anything related to art are the treasures of his life.
5 years ago When he was still a student trying to seek what he could achieve with his passion for art and it came to him clearly He was meant to be part of this industry. Yenju believes with the sense of connecting lines and shape balancing He wants to welcome this opportunity to have a consultation with you and create a look uniquely belong to you.



Shoko has successfully gained her excellent skills in beauty industry in Japan and Canada.
Her brilliant smile makes customers to be comfortable at salon,Also ,she is very friendly and polite so people loves her always,Additionally ,she has strong desire for fashion ,she is able to find the style what you want.




8 years stylist experience in Japan



5 years stylist experience in Japan




If you haven’t found someone to tame your hair, here is your best chance. Barney , the award winning hair stylist with over 15 years experience , active in many Taiwan’s magazine and TV show ; even work with many actors and actress. Now is working in “zeal”.
He can create simple but high quality hair style that matches your personality. No matter you are looking for cute or sexy, staid or wild. Barney would give you a different look in style.



I have been a hair stylist for over 7 years.
I would like to discover the perfect style for you ; by enhancing your current one, or creating a fashionably new one.
If you are still looking for a hair stylist , please come and see me!!!




If you would like to change something about your hair, but doesn’t have the confidence or the knowhow. Please come see me!! Let’s create your style together.



I would like to provide hair styles which suits and easy to maintain for clients with my experience in Japan and Canada. Let’s find the best solution for your hair together.




I belive that developing positive and friendly relationship with customer is the better way to find out the most suitable hair design to match thier individuality.

Providing exceptional hair services with your desire and expection. Speak fluent in both of English and Manderin.



Gloria has over 10 years experience in Canada. I am able to speak Cantonese and Mandarin .

It’s time to do something for your hair . hair cut. color or perm . because hair can reflect your personality.
your professional sometime your age too!

I am happy to see you here and provide the idea which is suit your everyday style!




I am Japanese hairstylist. I have 10years of experience in Japan. I will provide a hairstyle for your lifestyle. I can do makeup and updo ,I will help you for your special day!



I have worked as a hair stylist in Kyoto Japan for eight years and had lots experience in Japanese hairstyling techniques and hospitality of Japan. These experiences provide the style services tailored to every customer. Please feel free to contact me and let me know your preferred style.




Growing up in Canada and receiving my advanced training in a Japanese environment, i have the perspective and contrasts of both cultures and styles to create the look you truly desire .Hair trend and culture change over time ; however i believe that looking good in your own hair style will always be in fashion.



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