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Our most well known services include and are not limited to: haircuts , colouring, Japanese Straight Perms, Digital Perms and hair extensions.

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Shampoo / Blow Dry

from $25

Haircut (Hair Master)

from $40 (Men)
from $45 (Ladies)

Haircut (Hair Director)

from $45 (Men)
from $50 (Ladies)


Japanese Perm

from $140 We use specially imported Japanese perm products is gentler on your hair and leaves it less damaged. The Japanese perm can create soft curls to stronger, more defined curls. As the Japanese perm products are gentler, it can be used on normal hair and damaged hair.

Digital Perm

from $220 The Digital Perm is very different than the conventional perm. The regular perm uses a cold wave solution in which hair bonds are restructured at room temperature into the shape of the rods used to achieve the desired curls. In contrast, the digital perm uses an advanced heating system in which directly connects to the rods used to shape your hair. This extra heating action of the Digital Perm will make your curls look more marvellous and last longer than ever before.

Japanese Straight Perm

from $240 The Japanese Straight Perm is a new Japanese hair straightening technique developed in Japan that uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair so that the hair lies straight; giving you that smooth, shiny and manageable hair you have always wanted.

Special Perm

from $140 The special perm creates strong designed curls or specific “special” perms the customer desires.

Ceramic Perm

from $180

Bangs Straight Perm

from $50 Straight perm for bangs or parts of your hair.


from $60 We use salon quality L´OREAL products and our stylists are trained to enhance your natural color, or define a new style through trendy, new color application.


from $70 Highlights for your whole hair. From designed colors to natural colors, we will work with you to find the best color for your highlights.

Selective Highlights

from $15 Highlights for parts of your hair. This is perfect for people who want to create designed highlights. Play with colors and have fun with it!

Color and Streaks

from $120 This is perfect for people who want to have their hair colored and with Highlights.


from $40 A deep nourishing treatment for damaged hair using special Japanese treatment chemicals which will revitalize badly damaged hair.

Formal Wear Design

from $45

*All perms include shampoo, haircut and blow-dry.